Free Portal

I say the system’s gone too far! FREE PORTAL’S COMPANION CUBE!!! FREE IT FROM IT’S WRONGFUL INCINERATION!!! (Also stop movie makers from destroying their own films.)

From here to May 24th.

Hopefully this post contains less than your daily allotment of :spam: and :protest:

(Also I would’ve posted this in the Games Board but this one has higher traffic. Mods move it if too inappropriate or if you just need something to exercise your mygty powerz on aside from GSG’s BS.)

Too bad I have this laptop.

I freed it.

How 'bout that cryptic “Transmission Received” achievement?

Turns out the signals you get are Morse codes and scrambled images. The images give clues on how to log onto some strange BBS thing. It’s complicated, just check this shit for the fun.

I’m seeing Portal tomorrow. Not for free, though.

You are getting ripped off. Be vocal about it.