Free online game ressembling RO

I have found a game which looks like Ragnarok Online, its called Priston Tale. Its free to download. Here’s the URL: Pristontale

Looks cool, I’ll try it out.

I’ve played it. It’s like 3D RO but VERY linear. You don’t pick skills- at certain levels, you get specific skills.

That blows, but I’ll check it out any way.

*PlayerX have dropped Soap : 1 ea

Edit: First look on this, its not what I expected. I expected a dark and moody, realistic game situated in a prison or something.

I would be trying it, but all 3 servers are full.

Its actually quite har to get into one of the servers. But I keep trying until I get into one.

Frankly, I rate that among the worst games I have ever played.

The site looked promising.
Every body will KS you.
Just getting on a server is ridiculiosly hard.
Nobody talks.
There is no real challange to it.
Plain boring.
I get the feeling it’s just bots.
The camera control is awful.
No skills.

I just watched my friend play it, and I’m very happy I didn’t download it myself. It’s nearly as bad as Star Wars Galaxies.