Free Korean MMO strikes again!

Time for another fad, people.

Free, online, RO-alike, except with 3D graphics, a nice interface etc, and apparently doesn’t get boring as fast as most K-MMOs seem to. Let’s see, shall we? There’s one three job classes so far (warrior, archer, magician), but it looks pretty cool.

Also, bonus Engrish!

Apprentice Knight: It’s first step of knight and can learn basic kill of knight.

Take the letter K out of “K-MMO” and that quote’s a little better. >>

(Also speaking of Engrish…)

I might try this…what with Maplestory failing me, I could use something else to do. What’re the system requirements?

I’m still waiting for some of Gravity’s other projects to finally be ported to english. They’ve been in korea for-fucking-ever, and they look so good i want to cream myself. R.O.S.E. anyone? :DDD

Think slightly less better-looking than FFXI and you won’t go far wrong.

That shirt isn’t revealing!

Eh, I might give it a shot. I could probably kill a few hours with it until somebody discovers it and rats it out, forcing them to charge.

One bad point about this game. You are on your own, do not expect anyone to help you, because they won’t. Other than that, its been okay so far.

One day soon, you’ll start seeing pictures of girls with quarters taped to their niples and it won’t be considered porn.

Okay I’ve played it for maybe three days and already I’m bored with it. There is absolutely no variety whatsoever that I can see and the ‘quests’ such as they are involve taking an item from one village to another village, both of which will be filled with spamming shopkeepers. I am afraid to say I am no longer impressed with this game. :frowning:

It’s okay Pierson. It sucked from the first place. It was free.

Maybe that’ll learn you to look to Korea for a good game.

Not counting on it though.