Free, good bye, little ones ;_;

Long story, so I’ll make it short.

I own 7 SNAKES, 5 graden snakes and a speckled-datter king snake and a abonino king snake. I also have a mmouse farm to keep up with the feeding but recently, the mice have been eatting their babies making my snakes pissed.

I come home from school only to hear my parents tell me that Grath, Agatha, mario, luigi, and Comet are going to go bye-bye. I ask them where they’re taking them and they said that they’re going to free my snakes. we’re keeping the two king snakes but the wild graders that we caught are going back to the wild.

I will feel a brife moment of sadness. Grath and Agatha were the oldtest snakes we have. I will miss them very much.

I’m home alone with Snookcomes and Ally while my mom, dad, and sister are freeing them. I hope they do all right.:frowning:

:eek: Snakes? 0_0 whyd it have to be snakes? But i guess they could be all right, i wonder how their skin feels. However dangnamit they don’t purr like cats =p therefore not as good. Sorry for losing most of your snake pets =(

And now for something a little different: Oh look a hissing jumprope yay!

I notice the Indiana Jones reference.

For a moment there I thought you where leaving Chris… its a shame to let your pets go like that, but its probably best for them.

heh i love making references ^ _ ^ i got tons of 'em mwuahah well one day i will.

sighs in relief at least you’re not leaving…but that’s sad. it reminds me of a couple years ago when my cat was put to sleep, for some reason…

Yeah, your snakes will probably be happier outdoors, Chrissy. Animals aren’t meant to be cooped in indoors. Funny how so many animal lovers miss this point? I love dogs, but I refuse to have one now because my house has ZERO yardspace, and I don’t want to keep it cooped up inside. And dogs are more domestic than snakes. (I’m actually considering getting a cat, but that’s because I’m getting desperate about my problem with mice…)

You probably enjoyed having the snakes, but just think of it that they’ll be much happier outdoors. Hey, at least you have two more to keep you company, Chris. :slight_smile:

Sounds like it’s for the best.Just think, they’ll be in their natural habitat.

It’s for the best, although it might take some getting used to for them. Living in a domestic environment tends to soften wild animals, even if just a little.
Don’t be sad. You’ve still have two with you.

and this is happening why… ?

We own mice to feed them but for some reason the females have been eatting their babies. My parents decided it was best for them to go away.

Does not compute.

Whoa, Chris you got snakes? You aw so hawt! starts making out with chris

You should find the problem with the mice instead of letting the snakes out, really. I’m sure there is some explanation to why the females are eating their babies, it can be lack of space or something like that.

Yea, I don’t see the logic in this. Why release the snakes, when you can really just get more mice?

It depends whether the snakes dislike being kept as pets or not.

Well, I think that she would have kept the snakes regardless. If you got more mice, you would just have to get more mice, as opposed to getting more snakes, if you do get more snakes.

Im not sure, it just doesn’t really seem to make a lot of sense.

Sounds like your parents just wants to get rid of some pets actually, Chris. :confused:

Thank you Sorc and Weiila.

Also, snakes don’t have much of a concept of happiness due to the lack of sophistication in their brains, unlike mammals and even then, its the higher mammals that have enough developped brains. If anything, its dangerous out there for them since they’ve been domesticated; they’ll have to learn to hunt (and I’m not sure how urbanized where you live is, so whatever there is to hunt could be a debatable topic - esp in terms of compatibility with the snake you have- dif snakes have different environmental niches), learn to avoid humans, learn to avoid becoming road kill, learn to avoid predation, which is REALLY not a good time now, esp due to their mental limitations as snakes. Odds are, this’ll be a death sentence.

Snakes are cute… I’d love to have a snake if I didn’t have to feed it living things. >.>