Free Cute'em Up ! ^_^

Right here (9 MBs)

For those who don’t know, a cute’em up is a shmup, with cute elements like bunnies, cats, witches, what have you…

Controls :

Move - Arrow keys
Start - ENTER
Fire - Z
Homing lasers; get coins - X
Rapid Fire - Z + X
Supershot - C

And a couple of screenies (See attachment)

Have fun :smiley:

It’s not as good as Dangun Feveron.

It is Freeware :stuck_out_tongue: What do you expect ? It’s fun for what it is.

DUDE! Dangun Feveron is your god! It’s like super bad! It’s goddamned funky. It’s HAPPY DISCO SHMUP!

Plus, I wanted to plug an obscure shmup. That and Hotdog Storm. But Hotdog Storm sucks.

Hotdog Storm would have been cool if the game actually had something to do with the game’s name.

Disregard. I got this working just by rebooting.

This IS loads of fun. :slight_smile:

Makes me miss Parodius.

It looks alot like cotton…

After having played Dangun Feveron… HOLY SHIT that’s sweet !!!

Lovely guitar rock and dance music =O Was there ever a soundtrack for this ? If so, I gotta track it down ! O_O

Now I miss cotton, too…

Speaking of Cotton… I just gave it a whirl, it’s a nasty little critter O_o

Also tried Mystic Riders, a nasty cute’em up too !

I wanted to try Cotton 2, but alas =(

Somewhere in one of these boxes, I have a Saturn. When I find it, I’m going to my friends’ house, and I’m hijacking his copy of cotton. It has been decreed!

Mr. Saturn’s Saturn was stolen by me. Now he’s just “Mr.”

:stuck_out_tongue: I know, it’s horrible, but I needed to subsrcibe to this thread so I don’t lose it before I get home. I want to try this.