Free Cat

While I was gone, my computer was in my sisters care. During this time, the viruses i’d acquired destroyed it and they had to reformat. Thusly, my favorite background OF ALL TIME is now gone, and I need help finding it. It’s a picture of a road with a dead cat that had gotten run over or something on it, and there was a sign sticking in the ground next to it that said “FREE CAT” on it with an arrow pointing at our feline friend. Has anyone else happened to see this picture, and more importantly, does anyone remember -where- they saw it?

Edit - Guh, I suck, I managed to find it shortly after posting this message. But this isn’t a waste of a thread, for now people may discuss this masterpiece:P

That’s horrible!

Are you going to share with the rest of the class and tell us where you found it?

Pics plz

<img src = “”>

kitty =(

Fucking awesome. I’d make it this computers background…but my brother’s cat was eaten recently.

Cless wins :slight_smile:

That’s kinda depressing

You disgust me. Die.

Kitty…? ;.;

its kinda sad how almost all humor revolves around someone in pain or someone dying.


… yeah. Like … no.

Sorry for breaking the sympathy spree but that was pretty hilarious in a sick, dark humor sense.

Thank you so much for posting that, you now officially rock!

Dude, thast just F*ing sick. and sad that you like that.

Dude, that doesn’t even begin to touch the very fringe of my sick sense of humor. But i’m ok with that, and do you know why? Every single person I know in real life thinks it’s funny. Even my veterinarian sister laughed, although she said it was sad. It’s a known fact by many comedians that humor is derived from pain, so lighten the fuck up.

Here’s a sick joke:

free cat more like free lunch!

Yeah, fuck you guys. Thats hilarious.