Fraternity Goat Sex Hazing


edit; why do you guys keep changing my topic titles? :confused:

because; goats are perfectly normal and beautiful creatures. Why must you discriminate?

In the immortal words of the heckler 3/4 of the way through Seraph’s Apology in “Path of Neo” … “Gimme a great big W! T! F!”

Well I would guess its because your last title fucking sucked.

and parents actauly want there kids to get into these things?

What on earth is the point with fraternities, do they do anything but torture animals and freshment?

So wait… Do they have actual proof that they had sex with it?

Not yet.

Hopefully they didn’t, because that would be really gross. Man, poor goat! Why didn’t the slack-jawed yokels pitch in and buy an inflatable animal from a sex store instead… oh, let me guess, they wanted to save money by getting a goat from their uncle’s farm. :thud:

I’m sure for whatever reason the goat was there, it was to benefit the community as a whole using their strong student body. (b’-’)b

Yeah, right. >_>

Whats so great about these Fraternity things anyway? How can it be so important that you would screw a goat to get in to one?

Well, you make friends and connections for life, however if they make you fuck a goat you should probably go look for a different fraternity.

I always suspected that site was illegal. <!-- lol pun ya rly–>

it’s not so important you’d screw a goat to get in one. not unless he’s into that sort of thing, the sick bastard.

Fraternities do a great deal of good work in the community. My Fraternity demands at least 25 hours of community service a year, but my chapter demands that much a semester. Besides the obvious bonds throughout the country and the networking opportunities that can bring you excellent jobs and such, you live through an excellent college experience. Personally, I can’t see going through college any other way.

During my pledge proccess, the goat thing was always a big joke. We have a blow up goat in the closet of the house. Fraternities are under such scrutiny for hazing that to do something like this would be pretty retarded. Much of the pledge process involves mind games, so having a goat in the closet during pledge events would be a great idea for yet another mind game. However, read the article; Alpha Gamma Rho has been caught hazing three times since 1996. Sounds to me like a bad fraternity in general.

When I was in college(for a whole three semesters), I went to UMass Lowell. Their fraternities all lost charter like 20 years ago. So all the frats are completely independant and not endorsed by the school. And all the frat houses are located off campus.

That means all the positive aspect of fraternities were missing. No community service, no networking, no job opportunities, etc.

But on the other hand, some of the negative things were missing too. From what I saw, there was very little to zero hazing. There was no crazy torturing freshmen, no pranks, no mind games.

Basically, they were just party houses where mutiple students lived. Wed-Sun there was always a party at at least one “frat.” They were pretty nuts, seeing as how there was no possible negative consequences from the school. What could the school do? Revoke their charter? They didn’t have one. They couldn’t expell/suspend them because everything happened off campus.

But that doesn’t mean nothing bad ever happend. Quite the contrary. The cops got called a bunch of times. People got arrested occasionally. There were often fights. Not to mention, it was in Lowell. For those who don’t know, that is not a very nice city. Definitely not the safest place for drunk naive college kids to be stumbling around in the middle of the night.

And the drug use was pretty rampant at the frats. They kept it on the DL, but if you paid attention, you’d notice a lot of it. There was even one frat called The Greens. They were called that because they were cool with the weed smoke. Their parties were the best. :wink:

But let me make a suggestion to any of you ladies out there who attend/might attend frat parties. Do not drink the punch! Get beer, seriously.

I’ve been to parties where a brother told me not to drink the punch unless I felt like napping for a couple hours. I never drank the punch anyway out of paranoia. But that does happen. People do put rufies or GHB in the punch to rape girls. You have to be careful. If you’re at a party and none of the guys are drinking the punch, you shouldn’t either.

Sound advice about the punch. Most colleges go out of their way to inform college girls about the dangers of roofies.

My fraternity doesn’t give out any sort of drinks at all. All our events are strictly bring your own “beverage”.

that’s probly the safest way to go…it’s amazing how creative people can get to do things like that…

This reminds me of that movie revenge of the nerds, when they were trying to join a farternity. It might be a old movie, but its still hilarious.