franz ferdinand is your new god

of music that is. They’re so much fun to listen to. You can watch a couple of their videos here:

They’re nothing to ‘Zombina and the Skeletons’ or ‘deLillos’ or even ‘The Cure’!

God yes Nul, the Cure are so excellent.

Psh. I thought you were talking about the archduke.

So they are.

Was only able to hear and view Take me out and the dark of the matinee. They seem to have a revival rock feel; or well rock has never died what am i saying? ::dekar!:: The guy’s voice seems slightly off or odd to me, dont know how to explain it. Their videos have an 80s feel to them, reminded me of some peter gabriel videos somewhat.

I didn’t know that the site would play other videos afterwards and so i heard this group called Lacuna Coil with the song: Heaven’s a Lie on their album Comalies(i think?) that was decent stuff IMO.

Cool, I wasn’t the only one.

Cool, I wasn’t the only one.[/QUOTE]

Uh, yeah, what I wanted to say too. :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re okay… not exactly what I’m in the mood for.

they’re so cool. They’re the ultimate walking band. You feel 200% cooler immediately. They have this great stomping feel to them, as allmusic says quite well. It’s like good rock and roll that is danceable, which is rare.

Watch the Matinee video, it’s awesome.

I like 'em!

The music video for Take Me Out was good. It had the feel of some of the artwark I see at my brothers college. It’s thrown together in a manner that’s trippy while remaining fun and in a strange way congruent.

Overall though, they aren’t me, they are more my Brothers type of music than mine. smiles

As for the cool comment, yes, they are like watching Jerry Springer, after seeing them you feel reafirmed that at least you’re not as bad as them.

I just saw the video for Take Me Out on MTV, I like it alot. Their other songs are good to.

two of them were Art School students, which is why some of their videos/performances have that feeling. The Matinee video is better though, it’s so funny with their quirky dancing.

They’re playing at Boston June 16th. I am there.

Yeah I like them. I remember once I was unable to sleep all night so I turned on the radio at about 4AM and there was a vote for a song to be played. Franz Ferdinand came second but the DJ gave the vote another 20 minutes or so until they took the lead, and played their song. It’s much funnier if you’re tired and it’s 4AM, but yeah, I need some songs.