Frank Zappa rocks!

Too bad he’s dead.

Anyway, I watched a show of the Zappa plays Zappa tour, with his two sons singing/playing, a few of his old bandmates and some new fellas. It was bizarre how Ahmet’s voice was at times identical to Frank’s.

Yes, his childrens’ names were Ahmet, Dweezil, Moon Unit and Diva. Pretty mainstream stuff.

The show was pretty tight, all FZ songs. In the end Steve Vai came on stage to play guitar and showed off, being boring to hell.

Then female fans began dancing on stage:dancer: :dancer: :victoly: :biggrin:

FZ is U.S.'s contribution to modern civilisation

True Story:
Smoke on the Water is a song written about how his band’s equipment burned up because some idiot shot a flare gun.
(None of my friends except one seemed to know that)

I listened to “Muffin Man” and thought it was pretty cool. Then my dad’s girlfriend put on “Valley Girl” and it was like totally WTF.

Heh, Steve. When I listened to that song I would think “that Zappa guy was headlining then but now Smoke on the Water is one of the most famous songs ever and he’s forgotten”. Now I consider the reference an added bonus.

FZ has a lot of WTF moments, Yar. In “Valley Girl” there’s a disclaimer by his daughter, that she isn’t like that in reality. He had put out about 60 original and live albums so it takes a while to become familiar with his music (not to mention his first atonal works…).

My first album was Chunga’s Revenge, a present. I liked one song, can’t remember which one and was a bit weirded out by a lot of it. Nowadays I love some of its songs.

I know. So?

You are knowledgeable.

Yeah man, Frank Zappa does rock! Definately one of the best guitar players, or atleast most innovative. His style was so recognizable, whenever I hear his playing I recognize it instantly(in most cases).

True, true. Black Napkins being my favourite example.