FPS Darwin

This happened to me by the time of the great Quake 1 Team Fortress Rage some years ago. I was playing on 2fort5. Me and another dozen people on the server, I don’t remember in which team I was.

Nowadays I can stand my ground against the regular player on FPS games. I play UT with difficulty set to Skilled and I win most deathmatches against the bots. But by that time, I was a cannon fodder. I couldn’t get into dogfights, so I was always the backup of the team - medic, engineer or spy…

When this special event took place I was playing as a scout. I got the enemy flag and started running. However, I was really low on HP and there were enemies blocking my way. Other people of my team came and engaged the enemies protecting the flag. I took the chance and hid in the dead-end room of the basement, the place where you get if you throw yourself from the hole in the small room on the end of the plank in the wooden ramp room. A friend of mine playing as a demolition man followed me. Others stayed to help me not being killed (thinking back, I would gladly suicide to give the flag to a soldier or a pyro).

-Yo Ren
-I’ll send you up there with a detjump
So they won’t catch you and you may run back to our base
-Go for it

It ends like this: he set a detpack for 5 secs. He had to stay and watch, so he fragged himself and filled the room with gibs. I hit the ceiling then the floor again, diing form the fall and doubling the amount of gibs in the room.