Found Grandia 1 for $20. Should I buy?

The title sums it up. I was looking at my local Movie Trading Company and lol and behold, Grandia 1 was just put on the shelves. I know it is rare, but is it worth it? Should I get it or should I just grab Grandia 2 instead since it is cheaper and easier to find? Mainly, could someone say how good or bad the Grandia games are or if Grandia 2 is better or worse than 1 or review Grandia 1. Mainly, I just listed a lot of ways for someone to tell me if I should run to the store and grab Grandia before it is gone or just buy Grandia 2 or neither. Please answer soon, I am not sure Grandia will stay on the shelf for long. (For all I know Grandia could be unpopular enough that it will stay on the shelf for years so maybe I am worring for nothing).:hyperven:

Which version are you looking at? Saturn or PSX?

Plus a little help for your decision.

Personally I’ve always found Grandia 2 much better than 1- but if you have to have 1, I’d say you could possibly do better than $20. I got my copy for £7, which is about $13 in your money.

It depends on what you want from a game. Grandia I is basically a pixelated Anime series, of the kind aimed at young teenagers. More serious than Pokemon, but not by much. I liked it, for the charming characters and the unusual nature of the ultimate menace, but your opinion may vary.

If Grandia I is a Tween’s Anime, then Grandia II is an Older Teen Anime, complete with sexy villainesses, romantic triangles and lots of attitude. Not as dark as other RPGs I’ve played, but the religious overtones might bother some people. I didn’t like the CGI in the game, though.

Personally, I tend to alternate between Dark and Light games. It all depends on my mood. I’ve played both really silly and really creepy ones… so I’d say go by which you feel like playing now.

If you are - unlike me - still in the habit of playing 40+ hour RPGs, I’d say that this game is worth about $15-20.

The horrible, horrible voice acting ruined it for me. That kids voice was so fucking annoying I wanted to beat him with his little stick.

Tween isn’t a freaking word, damnit. :fungah:

Damnit isn’t a freaking word either, dammit. :fungah:

But anyway, I love Grandia, but as Wil was saying, it’s pretty light-hearted, so that may or may not be a turn-off. But 20 dollars is a pretty good price for it, I think.

Personally I prefered Grandia 1, over Grandia 2. I liked the light-heartedness of it, and considering it is at least twice as long as Grandia 2, and has much better side quests.

But Grandia 2 is also a good game in it’s own right.
But anyway, I would say it is well worth the $20.

I couldn’t finish Grandia 1. I found the dungeons and battles simply too boring, and the voicework was pretty awful. The characters were fun but the story plodded. I got into disc 2 and then just lost interest.

Disc 1 is as good a time as any to stop the game…

…Especially because disc 2 has…Rapp. Seriously. Who thought up that guy?

I also preferred 1 over 2. Sounds like a good buy. Grandia is on my top 10 rpg list.

I would have to say yes. Grandia is one of my all time favorite RPGs. Yeah its not the best and its light hearted but maybe thats why I liked it beacuse I first played it back in 6th grade. But I’m 19 and a sophmore in college and I just replayed it for a fourth time and I still absolutely love it. I just love everything about it (granted the voice acting leaves a bit to be desired). But thats just my opinion, but for $20 buy it and make your own decision.

P.S. - grandia 2 is good but i found 1 just had a better feel. You get more emerced (sp?) in the world of the game and get a real feel for it. That is my rant for the day, thank you:cool:

I would say yes its a hard find and for 20 its a steal.