Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends = Captain Harlock

I was watching this show for half a second and they had a kid in it that looked too much like Testuro from captain harlock. Here’s Testuro

Here’s the kid from foster’s

I’m sorry, but Foster’s HOme is plagiarizing. There’s also a pink haired girl that looks like an anime character

I don’t think you understand what plagiarism is. See, having one character that resembles a character from another show is not plagiarism. Now, I have never seen Captain Harlock, so I can’t really judge, but if you can’t provide any other evidence of even similarities, then you just have no clue what you’re talking about.

I saw part of an episode of Foster. Mostly, it just seemed like a run-of-the-mill kids show. And you know what? Most of those have so many similarities, they’re practically all the same anyway, and nobody cares.

I meant they just look the same

I say it’s plagiarized just to be funny

And by the way, the pink haired girl has tons of facial expressions

Kaiser… If what you say is true… then all anime is plagiarizing the first big eyed, big tittied, blue haired anime girl ever drawn.

I have seen Harlock over and over, and I can’t say I see the remblance. And what Izlude said.

I don’t remember anybody like that on the show. There was Franky but she had red hair.

:moogle: Maybe he is talking about Berry. Coarse ches just creepy and not human.

She had a midriff top

Does anyone else think Foster’s Home copied off Captain Harlock’s caharacter design?

this is a joke right

Foster’s Home isn’t even anime.

I thought the chick from Foster’s Home looked kinda like Anko from Naruto, but I wouldn’t say they ripped off anything. Just look how creative that show is in the first place, they don’t need to rip of characters from anything.

another stunning thread from kaiserbasara

The pink haired girl didn’t copy off anything. She just looked anime like

By the way, I forgot to mention foster’s home isn’t anime. But it’s definately influenced by it

they’re both drawn.
holy shit they’re copying each other guys

Does anyone think the two kids above look the same?

If the second picture worked, we’d tell you.

holy shit who cares?

Half-Life 2 or Halo 2, discuss.

(might as make it an interesting conversation)

Atlantis VS Nadia would make a whole lot more sence

Or Lion King VS Kimba the White Lion

Halo 2, because I’ve never played Half-Life.

could we please get a pic of this pink haired girl please? because I still can’t think of anyone that looks like that.

:moogle: Sailor Moon VS MewMew Power VS W.i.t.c.h VS Winx Club