Is there a way to forward mail that I recieve at my yahoo! account to another account? I just set up an account at GMail, but theres also alot of stuff that I’m subscribed too using my yahoo! one, so is there anything I can do at yahoo so those emails get automatically sent to GMail?

Huh? I swear this question was asked a few weeks ago…:\

It was… different e-mail servers though, I think.

Yea the old one was for hotmail to yahoo and I need yahoo to Gmail, I sent in a question about it to Gmail support the response should come in about 2 days. I’m not sure if you can do forwarding on Gmail yet because it’s still in beta.

I’ve done it with Yahoo UK+IEm there are Two ways.

  1. Y! Mail Options-> POP3 access & forwarding -> type your Gmail’s Email adress in the Forwarding box. This Means Gmail will recive all your e-mail.)

  2. Set Gmail to access yahoos Pop Server. (Read Outlook helpfiles). This mean that the Y! mail will be on Y! server until you want to read them in G-mail.

Big Nutter
Note Y! can do it the other way too.