Forum skin trouble.

Yeah. Whenever I change my skin for RPGC to that brown one, when it was previously that orange one, and when I log out, or clear cookies, and come back in the RPGC, it returns to the orange one? How do I make it so that it stays on a fucking skin?

Don’t log out and don’t clear cookies.

Select “Remember Me” when logging in, that way you will remain logged even if you leave the page.

Oh, I already have that on. I should have added that it also default-izes when I leave the site, and re-enter; even if I’m still logged in. See? Just now it went back to orange.

Are you sure you allowed Cookies? Check Internet Options on Tools (You are using IE?) and look at the privacy tag.

I’m using Firefox.

Forget it then, that’s uncharted territory for me.

Don’t select the skin from the quick style chooser, select it from the user CP.

Will do, Kor.