749.4 :smiley:

I managed to make him hop using the landmines. XD DED

…okay, I refuse to belive that a penguin can have THAT much blood. ::dekar!::

(ANd BTW, I’ve gotten over a thousand before.)

What am i supposed to do…

Click once to ready the mace, then click again to swing. Hit the 'guin as far as you can.


Edit: 800

Of course its not working for me, thanks Pierson anyhows

799.1 in less than 5 minutes.

I remember playing the original version of this, without all the bloodiness in it.

EDIT: Scored 1039.4! :ah-ha!:


1204.8! That was beautiful, perfectly lined up with about 4 mines.

A mere 859 :confused:

The land mines are randomly generated each time, so it depends on how lucky you are.

It’s possible to have a perpetual motion penguin, proving once and for all that things do have more blood than you think. :ah-ha!: My best is only around 850, btw

Hmmmm 1247.

Oh cool, someone modified that game. And by the looks of it, by someone who really hates Wertigon.


I managed to knock his head 891 (feet?).