For your enjoyment – some FFVII spin-off trailers

AC trailer (slightly edited from E3);3953700;;/fileinfo.html

Dirge of Cerberus trailer;3956100;/fileinfo.html

Crisis Core trailer;3957398;/fileinfo.html

Edit: just changed the title – there is not too much to enjoy, but still fun to watch how our beloved heroes (and anti-heroes) look with updated graphics.

Not watching anything to do with AC, so no comment on that.
Crisis Core’s trailer makes it look more like a remake than a sequel. Not that I’m complaining.
DC looks whopping super-cool. Want more. pant

Did you note that CC is called “FF7: Crisis Core” whereas DC is called “Dirge of Cerberus: FF7”? I think that’s intentional; CC looks like it has a much stronger link to FF7.

CC looks like it’s a retelling of the missing 5 years more than a remae of the game.