For Walhalla: Capcom Fighting Evolution Guy FAQ

Hey Walhalla :smiley: I didn’t forget to write down some tips on how to use Guy…I just thought it’d be easier to write a long, comprehensive FAQ that covered almost every aspect of how to use him.

This is for everyone else’s use, too. I’m going to submit it to GameFAQs very soon. I just thought you guys might like to see it.

EDIT: Added the definition of wakeup to my FAQ. Good call, BlueMageOne! :stuck_out_tongue:

Question: What does “wake up” mean? I hear it when people talk about fighting games, but I’m not sure what it means.

“wakeup” refers to doing an attack right as you get back to your feet. Generally, you can Wakeup with special attacks and supers that will counter an opponent before they can do anything about it, unless they are good at timing “Meaty” attacks, which are attacks that you throw out as an opponent is getting up to force them to start blocking right as they stand up. I mention “wakeup supers” a lot, because, since supers have invincibility on startup, they negate Meaty attacks entirely, and go right through them.

Hey SG :smiley: More like I’m VERY experienced at fighting games!!

This is funny. I didn’t think you had forgotten about it, but I thought it would take forever to be done… more than 2 months, at least. :stuck_out_tongue: But thanks, though. :smiley: I couldn’t play PS2 stuff for at least 3 weeks, but coincidentally, I’ll finally be able to hook up my console again tomorrow. I’ll test your FAQ and send you comments, if any (but not tomorrow, obviously, and probably not next week either). :smiley:

Holy shit GameFAQs accepted it fast. I guess when your bar of standards is as low as theirs, you accept something that goes way over the top as soon as you can. I bet they jumped on this like a hobo on a ham sandwhich. Very nice work indeed.

Holy shit, they really did accept it already. I only sent it in like 4 hours ago, maybe. :stuck_out_tongue: Rock on.

I want to do one more FAQ before school sets in. I was thinking of making one for Hauzer, but there already is one (Even though it sucks ASS :P). I’m trying to think of who to make one for. :confused:

Make one for Vega. Vega is cool. Totally cool! Plus I need some tips on how to use him better. Not sure if he’s even in the alpha games or Capcom fighting evolution whatever it is…

He’s not in CFE…but maybe I’ll do one for him soon. What game did you have in mind? (You have to note that he plays a fair amount different in most of the game’s he’s in; but if you mean Street Fighter 2, you happen to be in luck cos he’s one of my best characters :D)

BTW, Capcom Fighting Evolution is a relatively new (9 months old) 2D Capcom fighter. It’s a mishmash of characters from different games (Street Fighter 2/3/Alpha, Darkstalkers, and the almost entirely unknown game, Red Earth). It’s pretty tight, but a lot of people give it crap for a lot of stupid/false reasons; for example, they removed a lot of cheap stuff, or that it’s just a rehash (which is just wrong, a lot of characters play entirely different, like Guy for example :P). If you like to just fuck around with fighters, I would reccomend it; it’s only like 30 bucks new.

It’s not really related, but what’s up with the special moves that include “-> + Down + Some diagonal key + something else”? I’m never able to do those and more than half the characters have this combination of keys in their moves. :stuck_out_tongue: Is this because they have to be done really fast or is there a trick to perform them without actually pressing each key correctly?

And SG, considering there’s almost nothing about CFE at GameFAQs, you could just write a FAQ on the third character you’re particularly AMAZING with. :stuck_out_tongue:

It sounds like you’re talking about the Dragon Punch motion…What you do is tap forward (or back), and then rotate the joystick from down to the offensive crouch (or defensive crouch) and press punch (or kick). If you know how to do a Shoryuken with Ryu, that’s all they’re talking about when they say that. If you’re having trouble getting that motion to come out, try this; tap forward, and then try to do a hadouken immediately after you tap forward. That’s a good way to think of it when you’re starting out, and eventually, you’ll get the hang of doing it.

And, yes, there’s almost nothing about CFE and GameFAQs, but Hauzer IS the third character I’m particularly AMAZING with, lol :stuck_out_tongue: My best character is actually Guile, but a lot of people will already know how to use him; he’s almost completely unchanged since Street Fighter 2. Oh well, I’ll figure something out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I mean the one from Street Fighter 2. Well, actually to be more specific, Hyper Street Fighter 2, the one that is in the Anniversary collection. I really like Vega, cause he’s fast and strong, but there’s some of his moves that seem downright impossible to execute. So yeah a FAQ would be appreciated.

Oh man, I love Darkstalkers. Which characters are in it from Darkstalkers? I think I’m going to have to buy this game, if it’s just $30. I like playing fighting games with my friends.

Heh, here is the cast of the game…

Street Fighter 2:

M. Bison
Shin Akuma (Secret character)

Street Fighter 3:



Jedah (:D!)
Pyron (Secret character)

Red Earth:


Street Fighter Alpha:


And Ingrid, who hasn’t been in any fighter up to this point.

Anyhow, you picked a good version of Vega to ask me about! :stuck_out_tongue: Consider it done, but it might take a while…I wanted to write one more for CFE, and school starts again on Monday. But definitely ASAP. How fun!

Am I correct in assuming that CFE isn’t as good as Third Strike?

The short answer is: No, I don’t think you’re correct with that assumption.

The LONG answer is:

I think 3rd Strike is a horrible game, to be honest with you. Balancing an entire game off of one ridiculous universal move (Parrying) really makes a game ridiculous. You know who the best characters are because they seldom ever have to use parrying to win, and/or have really hard moves to Parry (Chun-Li, Ken, Yun, Makoto). I’m not saying the game isn’t balanced, but it’s only really balanced because of the Parrying; take that away and you’ll find that some characters are totally shot, like Q, Twelve, and Sean. Parrying also eliminates fireball trapping, which is such a tried and true old tactic in Street Fighter games. Why would they do that? Why would they even MAKE a character like Remy, who is based off of Guile (Who was the posterchild of this tactic, btw), and give him High and Low fireballs, if you can just simply Parry them? I would even go as far as to say that projectile attacks on the whole are entirely useless in this game. :stuck_out_tongue:

The whole idea just seems so baffling to me. Why give everyone the exact same move to do the exact same way? Everyone should have diversity…characters should have to address certain situations in different ways. That’s what makes fighting games fun to me. This game doesn’t have that…3rd Strike comes down to your ability to Parry. I think it’s really sad when I never play this game, but I can beat almost everyone I meet at it, even people who go to tournaments and play this game on a very serious, competitive level. Ridiculous.

Capcom Fighting Evolution has Third strike characters of course, and Parrying and Universal Overheads, but there’s a few differences, plus a lot of fixes to really messed up things about Third Strike…

  • Parrying on the whole is a LOT harder, so you don’t see a lot of chumps just Parrying anything you throw at them (Being able to Parry supers without any problem was just plain ridiculous)

  • You can’t combo Universal Overheads into Super Arts (Chun-Li, UOH XX Hoyoku Sen, The end. Fuck that shit)

Chun-Li had a lot of he best defensive attacks nerfed so that they don’t beat EVERYTHING, and now the emphasis has been placed on her rushing game again.

Alex’s normal moves are still pretty bad overall, but he has a lot of crazy combos now, like Flash Chop XX Boomerang Raid/StunGun Headbutt/Hyper Bomb. Also, since you can stock two supers, you can now do very high damage combos on people who leave themselves too open, like StunGun Headbutt, Jab Flash Chop XX Hyper Bomb. 90% Damage, anyone?

Urien no longer has incredibly effective Aegis Reflector traps, and plays more like a turtling character, relying on solid defensive tactics to deal his damage.

Yun no longer has Genei-Jin (Thank god).

These changes really made the Third Strike characters enjoyable to have in CFE. No stupidass cheap shit, and Parrying takes some skill to use, now.