For those who've read that thread o' mine...

Yeah, my story about Mabatsekker : Saikyo Student? I’m in a bit of a jam and I’d like to know your opinion.

I wanted Mabatsekker to have four trials of Saikyo, which are the following.

Trial of Saikyo Pimp
Trial of Random Invincibility
Trial of Three Floating Kicks
Trial of Pwning

Thing is, I have no idea on how I should work them out, should I work them each in a chapter, making each chapter really freaking short, or I should just jumble them into one mega-chapter, or split them 2-2, 3-1, 1-3, king size, what? ARRRRRGH!

That, and I have no idea about the Trial of Pwning. Considering I’m the one that always pwns Mabat at 2-D fighters (okay, we only played Alpha 2, but it was still 17-4 in my favor.)

You could always split them up into their own chapters and use all the powers of stalling in the manga universe! :slight_smile: Think of ways to draw things out. Descriptions are good for that.

Yeah, but the second chapter would be really short, and there’s no way I could stall it without making it unfunny, which is something I don’t want.

I’d say, 2-2. It would leave enough of a spark of interest to read the next chapter when people have done the first. Of course, I’m in no position to say anything, since most of my fic’s happenings are directly dependant on D&D gaming sessions’ RP time.

I’m exactly not in the mood to make a fic where the characters would go to a dungeon and make dirty jokes all the time, so I’ll haver to use whatever little RP:ing as a basis for some scenes. Like the next one where certain characters get a really booming headache :stuck_out_tongue: