for those whom still play CS

You should come join me in the server that I play on sometime, called the Underworld. I really like it. It has stats, some neat admin-mod features, very few cheaters, a good group of regulars, and it’s a decent challenge to be successful in. The only downside is that it can be a pain to get in, there are two reserve slots on the server and since it’s usually quite full you’ll be sitting there in the console typing “retry” for a while to get in. They’ve also had a bit of a performance problem as of late, but usually it’s great with no lag. And also, if you are an undisciplined shooter the UW will teach you some of that because there is friendly fire enabled.

Duelist is my name.



I gotta find my intstall disk again, i just deleted cs to make room for RO.

::Kicks self::

kewl, do you know when condition zero is due for release?