For those who remember Sinistral's Zelda = Ex-girlfriend analogy

She’s calling again.

She’s also showing some leg.

I can’t resist this siren’s call. ::dekar!::

It wasn’t that long ago he made it, I’m sure anyone who saw it still remembers (or so I hope <<).

Also, damn that’s hot.

ExcuuuUUuuse me, Princess!

But yes, pretty screenies. :3


Back on topic, new Zelda = win.

This was almost as hot as that guy at work… but in a more pixellated way. :smiley:

Spoony, I’m going to kill you for that one.

I miss Nintendo. 8-( I’m never going to see this game, like ever.


Link’s hair is atrocious. But it has to be mine.

wii = :confused: For me.

But Zelda calls to me…so my heart is torn in two.