For those who like both flash animations and fhard puzzle games

This is Chasmton. It’s not really a big place. It’s a lost village inhabited by platypuses, somewhere in Australia. The place has this name because of the chasm near it. From the river in the chasm they get water. They use the water to grow their crops and to generate electricity.

One day, the dam had a part of it damaged, and the flow of water to Chasmton was stopped. Without water, their crops will die. But the worst part is that the generator won’t work. Without the generator, TV’s and fridges won’t work too. So they won’t get to watch the finals and their beer will be warm. The citizens gathered in the Town Hall/Pub and chose Joe, the village’s greatest slacker, to go and fix the dam.

It is a dangerous quest. He may get crippled. He may even die. But that’s nothing compared to what the guys will do to him if he doesn’t get everything fixed before the finals start. So, while people struggle to drink all the beer of the village before it gets warm, Joe runs to the dam. Here’s where you come in, you’ve got to help Joe.

definitely an odd one. too mystish for my blood.

I just finished it 2 minutes ago. It has a sad ending ;_;

No TV and no beer make the platypus’s something, something.

I tried that game twice, and both times I got stuck when I was trying to get up the dam pipes that squirted water out (I think there is about nine of them). So I got angry and left it, vowing to never play again. :booster:

This is the way by which I got to the top:

From here on, climb untill you see daylight. Avoid daylight there and go to pipe A. Go higher, you’ll see daylight again. This time you go for the light. You’ll be on top of the dam.

They squirt on regular intervals so you gotta get in right after a squirt.

I’ve seen it before, its cool. Haven’t finished it because i got stuck at those pipes, got up to the top once I think but didn’t know what I was supposed to do there. That or i got washed back down from getting 3/4 the way up those pipes. > _ <