For those who know Canadian politics a little

Belinda got omega burned by Ralph Klein of all people.

I wiped a tear, it was just so…true yet deserved.

Oh man, burn. That’s not appropriate though.

But still deserved.

This guy is my new hero.

Didn’t he say it at a roast? As far as I’m concerned, everything’s fair game at a roast.

Oh, mega burn. Too hot, even for a roast.

Yeah, it was a roast to raise money. And to be fair, he got roasted for his weight and his alcoholism. So yeah, anything is fair game at a roast. I’m a liberal and I still laughed hard - I don’t like her much. :\


I still don’t like Klein, but that WAS a good burn.

As soon as I saw the threads title, I thought that the discussion would focus on the latest flip-flop by another Canadian wovernement: the decision of the Harper government to repudiate the 2006 Conservative election platform by taxing income trusts. I was about to postulate how the Grits were a bunch of thieves, the Conservatives are a bunch of liars; and the NDP and Le Bloc are just a bunch of buffoons. Then I remembered that the financial and fiscal matters are seldom on the menu in this joint :wink:
But Belinda, oh yeah. The sexiest politician since Cicciolina