For those of you who played Secret of Mana:

Personally, I vote for Groucho Marx.

She was ok.

Thats the best sounden mana seed I ever heard

I was happy with that girl who happens to follow you everywhere, thank you every much :stuck_out_tongue:

Luca? She doesen’t follow you around… Luca is the Sage at the water palace where Randi gets the spear you know, the fist mana seed?

Damn, that bitch was HOT!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Erm… cough cough As a Paladin, I’m supposed to rise above such matters, but… confidentially… She looked much better than that crazy girl who follows you around, throwing herself against monsters and spikes, slowing you down and bothering you with her stubborn attitude! Party Replacement, please!

I’ve got that thing for purple hair… Well, blue too, but that’s becides the point…

It was true that from the front it seemed as though she had a very masculine face, although when turned to either side or to the rear she looked perfectly feminine.

In any case, she is just a game character. When facing the front, I found myself just imagining her with a masculine face.

I thought she was a real dog, But…I just had to follow the crowd :stuck_out_tongue:

Perc, I thought her face in general was her nose, meaning she was like, a real witch :p, until I got myself a bigger TV to play SOM on…