For the Win

Or, to be precise, For the Win Lite

What is it? A free game based on collecting figurines and improving one’s collection. Witty and humorous figurine description, premium and extra sets that can be bought with the Star currency gained with every figurine, minigames and even optional PVP are part of the game.

Why should you care? Because it’s something to do every three hours, the figurine art is good and most of the comedy references are enough to bring a smile if not laughter. That, and the makers of this game are friends of mine.

Give it a shot, it’s not like it’ll cost you anything anyway, and it’d give you a taste of the full version to come.

Looks interesting, but…what do I, er, do? I pushed the button, I got some thingies, now what?

You collect.

The machine can be reused every three hours (unless you use stars to buy extra figurine tokens), and with the stars you make you can purchase upgrades and sidekicks in the shop. It’s a casual game, read the descriptions, enjoy the humor, post in the forums.

IT’s nothing complicated, no. Very fun! And if you get maniac enough, just start PVPing(bringing figurines to life to beat the crap out of other figurines! Yay!) or go for ranking!

It’s been interesting with this so far. I have more Ultra Rares than I do Rares at the moment >_> I think things will start to be more interesting once I get more figurines in general. I really want the Mecha set :frowning:

The aquisition of the Mecha set will enlighten you for the rest of your life.

The question is, will he return to enlighten the rest of us?

Maybe, maybe not, but you’ll be able to follow him on your own with your very own Mecha set!

Heh, but first I have to actually buy the set, and suppress my urges to buy everything else along the way >_>

Do any of the sidekicks help you gain more stars to buy stuff with? I haven’t spent anything so far, I’m up to 187 stars.

PVP is fun, but difficult at times.

The Old Timer and Alpha Squad 5 lets you play games to win more stars. The Old TImer is what I use most, I win on average 12 extra stars by playing his game, usually less, but sometimes more.

Now you’ve done it.

(ghod) The Captain

The Captain has taken 26 damage!
The Captain used Deprogrammed Robot!
The Captain has taken 30 damage!
The Captain used Heavy Razor!
The Captain has taken 31 damage!
The Captain used Proferbulatic Robot!
The Captain has taken 35 damage!
The Captain used Proferbulatic Metahuman!
The Captain has taken 33 damage!
The Captain used Intrinsic Thingamabob!
It missed!
The Captain used Cybernetic Parasite!
It missed!
The Captain used Schroedinger’s Toilet!
The Captain has taken 33 damage!
The Captain fainted!
Apple-Flavored Moostes… (Justice Fred)

Apple-Flavored Moostes… used Golden Morsels!
Apple-Flavored Moostes… has taken 26 damage!
Apple-Flavored Moostes… used Gooey Texture!
It missed!
Apple-Flavored Moostes… used Chewy Crust!
Apple-Flavored Moostes… has taken 28 damage!
Apple-Flavored Moostes… used Real Fruit Dessert!
Apple-Flavored Moostes… has taken 23 damage!
Apple-Flavored Moostes… used Orange Food Coloring!
It missed!
Apple-Flavored Moostes… used I Can’t Believe It’s Not Smell!
It missed!
Apple-Flavored Moostes… used Incredibly Stale Sponge Cake!
It missed!
Apple-Flavored Moostes… used Chocolatey Smell!

HORSE SHIT!!! Man, FUCK the PVP shit!!!

I try to bring my figurines to life, but for some reason I can’t click the little red button. Can anyone tell why this might happen?