For the love of cute fuzzy gas station clerks.

When going at a gas station, always check if the clerk’s there. If he isn’t, check the door, there should be a sign that says : “Back in 2-10 minutes”

We use that sign to warn you that, if you try to put gas, we cannot activate the pump and as such, you will not have gas pouring out of the pump.

So, just waiting patiently, or going to see the clerk if he’s outside doing something (which he usually is, unless he’s a crappy clerk), asking him with tact if he can currently stop what he is doing and go back inside to activate the pump is a GOOD idea. It saves the clerk trouble, makes him friendlier, and you get your gas faster. BOTH are happy in this scenario.

Ramming your horn down the gullet of your car in order to attract the attention of the clerk will only make him go “well, I ain’t coming back for THAT bitch”, and you will get your gas in a long fucking time. Yelling at him about this and that will only make him go : “Listen, I’m all for customer service, but not for whiny bitch service” or something akin to that.

So, please, when you go fill up the tank, act like a responsible person instead of a spoiled 4 year old brat.

This has been a public service announcement not paid by the liberals, because we all know the liberals wouldn’t have been this moderate.

Wow, I’ve never heard of needing a <i>clerk</i> to operate a gas pump. Gas pumps around here just require a swipe of a card or something :stuck_out_tongue: Crazy ol’ Quebec :stuck_out_tongue:

honk honk where the hell is my gas? honk honk

You still live in the 1960s?

I live in NJ. You are not ALLOWED to pump your own gas. 5 minutes away in New York state, it’s different.

…stupid NJ…

If you’re paying with cash or check, the clerk’s gotta activate the pump. Cash doesn’t fit into the card swiper.

I used to manage a convenience store/gas station, and I’d get people like that all the time. What’s even better is when they sit outside for about 10 minutes, before finally coming in and yelling about how the pump’s off. Then you remind them that they gotta lift the pump handle before pumping. =p

As far as I’m concerned, I just completely ignore them.

And Cless, activating the pump does not equal putting up the lever, there still needs to be a clerk, inside, to manage the control panel. That way, if there’s a bug in the system, the clerk can just stop ALL the fucking pumps and stop any spilling, then call the firemen and hope to all hell someone doesn’t smoke.

Its because of that handicap shit right? Good idea, but over-executed.

Really? Where im from, you pump then pay, unless you use a credit card. I guess in VA people dont steal as much gas.