For only $70 this 1980s piece of shit can be yours!

honestly they were good keyboards but $70 a pop?

But the KEYWEIGHT and the SPRING RESPONSE and the CLACKING and the [other meaningless buzzword]!!!

Yeah i’ve never understood the Model M either. I’ve got a friend who has one, and i’ve used it, it feels too much like a typewriter to me. Then again, i’ve been using laptop scissorkeys all my life. He got his from salvation army for like three bucks, i’m pretty sure thats how most people get theirs…i can’t picture anyone shelling out 70USD for something a thrift store has a bunch of.

I like the model M style but you don’t need an actual Model M to get the kind of response it has. I don’t know what they’re talking about when they mention $6 keyboards though. As long as you can feel the key click down and you’re not left wondering if you actually pressed it or not, it’s a good keyboard. This is why I don’t like laptop style keyboards. They have really thin keys that barely move. It’s like using a touch screen and it’s just really awkward and clunky and slow.

i.e. I’m not used to it. Me neither btw.

Big whoop…I have at least five of those in my garage.

I actually really like the touchscreen-y-ish-ness of laptops, it makes me feel more important or something

Fuck, I never thought of it from that pov. All my wounds are healed.

Yea, getting used to the touch-sensitive keys on the new phones as opposed to pressing buttons gets used to. My keyboard is pretty old too. I like the bigger keys.

I want one :smiley:

I just threw one out the other day 'cause no one in my res wanted it.

Used Model M keyboards regularly sell for around $40 on eBay. If you’re just throwing them out, you’ve just thrown out a small stack of cash.

If by stack you mean two notes…

A stack of 40 $1 notes.

Same, except they’re in a chest in my father’s office.

I also had one so old that the lights for the lock keys were on these keys, not above the numeric keypad.

I like my current one, though, with keys for copy, paste, undo etc. Yeah, I’m lazy enough to try and avoid even the simplest key combinations.


Holding out on me eh… Give me one ;-;

I like the springyness :smiley:

but not for $70

Or a stack of 4,000 pennies!!!