For once PSP gets a good game...

It’s the “Untitled PSP Action Game”…yes that is the name of the game. Somehow Sega made a game for the PSP with that title. For once I will ignore my hatage of the system, as this game is going to be the greatest. :smiley:

Is there anything known about this game?

If it is going to be such a awesome game, then why dont they have pics, more info, crap like that. To me, its stupid unless i see pics of the game( as in the characters or just a plain pic of the game) or unless i see reviews of the game. They obviously dont want it to do well if they are gonna pull crap like that.

Rirse, that’s stupid. Many times sites like GameFAQs put an Untitled placeholder when a company has announced they’re working on a game. If this was a serious post, it’s sad. If it was a joke, it wasn’t very funny.

I got out of bed to read <i>this</i>? I’m going back.

I second 984.

Any way, what kind of a a company, in the right mind, would name a game that? A dumb ass company, thats who.


Ever hear of The Byrds’ (Untitled)? Pretty famous album there.

I like how you went from “what” to “who.”

I am talking in this thread after it got locked.

I thought it was pretty funny, actually. :stuck_out_tongue:

This fails at being funny. As an aside, there was an interesting article about how the PSP doens’t have any decent games.

…DBZ: Shin Budokai is a good PSP game >_>

Lumines, Hot Shots, and that Darkstalkers game are all pretty cool.

Fighting games on a handheld is just silly in the first place, though.

  • There’s no competition on a handheld, which is where your market for fighters is; that is, with people that want REAL competition

  • Darkstalkers has (and soon Street Fighter Alpha will have) an arcade-perfect port on the PS2 already.

Oh well. The only games I’m interested in a PSP for are Maverick Hunter X and Megaman: Powered Up. But, those games ARE technically remakes. I could completely understand them being overlooked in that regard, but they still are NICE remakes, holy shit.

Actually, SG, PSP has WiFi, so you have wireless competition all around the world at all times, and competition with any friends who have PSPs and the game whenever they’re near, with no cables. Modern handhelds are the perfect market for fighting games, IMO; 2D graphics friendly, WiFi compatible, online play, etc. Plus, both of the current handheld systems have the same layout as an SNES controller, which we should all be used to playing fighting games on by now.

I agree with BMO, Lumines, Hot Shots, and Darkstalkers are the only games worth while on the system so far. I’d add Ys VI to that list, if they load times weren’t as bad. As it is, Ys VI is only worth picking up on PSP if you don’t already have it on PC or PS2.

Yeah, the Bleach DS fighting game has WiFi support, and is actualy really fun for a fighting game based off an anime (or a fighting game in general).

I’m pretty sure he meant it as a joke, at least I really hope so.

You are an idiot. Every game goes through the process of ATTAINING SCREENSHOTS, and ATTAINING ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. You think when Final Fantasy [whatever number] was announced to be in production, they had screenshots, release dates, and the such?