For old Mega-Drive/Genesis games fans only

Hi, I’m back, and all that stuff. I’ll ask questions about what I missed and talk about Firemouse (that project I started just before I left) later. There’s more pressing matter at hands now.

So you see, I had this dream when I was a lil’ brat… And I only couldn’t make it come true because I never learned how to play the guitar. But some guys done it now.

Old Mega Drive / Genesis games songs rerecorded, but with some real, badass guitars and basess and drums instead of synths, and in Heavy Metal style.

Yes, Megadriver, the guitar dude, did build his guitar using a genesis for the body. You can see the real thing in the videos section. But go to the mp3 section first and download their stuff.

“Rise From Your Grave” and the Street Fighter Ones are a real must-see. These, along with some others (Top Gear, Golden Axe, Sunset Riders) made me shed some tears out of nostalgy. I’m not kidding.

3 -.- \m/

OLD. To me, atleast. My friend has been ranting and raving about this guy since last year. My friend even added him to his MSN list… he never answers my friend though haha. He’s pretty damn good though.

Fucking wow. That’s really all that need be said. This stuff’s incredible.