For Making Music Videos...

Windows Movie Maker <-----this type of program can let you make music videos, right?I’m just wondering since when I open it, the impression it gives off is the ability to ALTER home footage and whatnot.Also, for anyone here that does make music videos on their comp, what is the program they use?

I believe I’ve heard some some people using Adobe Premeire (sp?) and that it’s quite good, but you’d pay a bit for it (hint hint).

Time for moi to get a job

Or you could, you know, find it somewhere online (hint hint).

I would like to mention that there is a program called KaZaa Lite for no apparent reason.

Ohh…silly me and all my missing hidden subtext.Gotcha.

Psst my connection speed isnt that great.Just thought I’d mention you know…but thanks for letting me know anyways!

Mmmmmmm, spywear, all the file sharers have it, some less than others.

Yeah, that was completly illrevelent. Completly…

Well, if you want the program badly you can just leave KaZaa Lite on whenever you go online. After a few days/weeks you’ll get it, sooner or later.

I’ll just frig around with Movie Maker and see what it’s capable of

Erase this post, please

You should PM Steve about it; he’s really good with movie making (go see his Kingdom Hearts one and you’ll see what I mean).

-It has ALL the cracks you can wish (It’s a searcher, it warns when some page has porn pop-ups or banners…it’s…heaven)

Erase this post, please

Huh?What did you originally say…

And yeah maybe I will bug Steve about it…though trying to get me hooked up to chat I think has drained him :slight_smile:

hey eva… get kazaa
Adobe Premiere… freeeeeeeee

I want to see this so called “movie” Steve made. Also, yes you can make music videos on Windows Movie Maker. I did for a friend of mine’s B-Day.

and I want the link to his FF7 video, I thought that was really good.

Okay, you want the videos, you got em :slight_smile:

I used windows movie maker to lower the size of the files
Kingdom Hearts

I’d help, but I’m pretty much computer illiterate…which is why my ICT coursework is still waiting to be done…eheheheh…

nervously glances round, then sweeps ICT work under a rug

No, don’t die Aeris!!! I’m sad now…