For FFX-2, I have a problem with my game when I fighting with the youth league

The game freezes up while battling the youth league because I give the sphere to New Yevon. I’m on my fourth time through trying to get 100% and the mascot dressphere.

so… what do you want us to do?
but seriously, if your ame freezes up, are ypu sure there’s nothing wrong with your cnsole, or maybe the disk?
if there have been problem’s, try and take your save game to a friends house and see if the data is the problem. if so, you could copy it to another memory card.
that’s all i got.

Ok thanks and I also have it on for three hours while playing maybe thats the problem. The disc is feels very warm.I’m cooling it now by resting until tomorrow.

good idea.
But seriously… only 3 hours and the disc is hot?
My reocrd for straight gaming is hours and my PS2 was fine when i turned it off. Maybe it’s the whole South Pacific thing.
I dunno.

Cool thanks for your tips and I’ll play something else tomorrow.

disgaea all the way baby!

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Close this topic please because my question has been answer

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