For fans of The Incredible Machine


Screw you, RPT. Now I won’t get anything done ever again.

Blast you, ball, and your addictive game of mind trickery!

I’m stuck on the second to last one of that third level catagory. Anyone pass it?

Thank Bob, I’ve already played it. Addictive little sucker!

Curse you, volcano level.


I feel stupid. Yet I feel this urge to futilely continue. Forever.

Not as whimsical as the Incredible Machine, but still fun :slight_smile:

The volcano is pretty easy. Work backwards.

I’m doing SCIENCE!

And I’m still alive!

Yeah, the volcano is surprisingly straight forward.

Dude! I loved The Incredible Machine, and this looks quite interesting. Ah, nostalgia…

I remember how excited I was when I bought the “Even more incredible machine” for windows… sadly it only lets you run it in 256 or 16 colour modes. That’s Windows 3.1 gaming for you ^^

The original kicked serious behind. The “Even More” version had a man you could shoot, make splat, ect (even save the life of), as part of your puzzles.

There seems to be a slight bug in this though. Sometimes it will only let me move a piece once, and if I want to retry the level I have to go to the menu and select it again.

Wow, finally figured out fucking reflect perfect. A lot simpler than I thought.


That last level is pretty sweet. So many possibilities, so little time.