For everyone who hates Mary Sues...

Sums everything up pretty well, I think…:o

Even without any real knowledge of the Potter references, it’s a pretty clear message. Thanks, buddy.

LOL! Good one, Pierson. Thanks :slight_smile:

It had it’s good points, but it still makes me hate Mary Sues allllll over again.

ACtually, it’s a spoof on Mary Sues, not an actual MS itself.

Very good! Do you know where I can find more of these?:slight_smile:

Well, as mentioned in another thread there’s first and foremost Godawful FanFiction, then there’s also the Protectors of the Plot Continuum. These aren’t comics but reviews and stories making fun (very evilly!) of Mary Sues, in Godawful’s case also a lot of other bad fanfiction as well. :o

Ye gods, this thing needs vector graphics rendering…

I already knew about Godawful, but this second one looks good.:slight_smile: ANyway who parodies MS’s like this deserves respect. :slight_smile: Thx for the link!

You’re welcome, Pierson :slight_smile: The protectors have various spinoffs, they list them in chapter 13-14-15 something, I don’t remember… :o

There’s one like this on FFnet, called ‘How Much Squall Hates All This Damn Fanfiction’, but I forgot the link…

Whee, I gotta find that. There was a hilarious story called “Help, please” where the FF8 gang discussed weird pairing fics they had been in, cracking down on the names (Quall, Seiftis etc) mainly. And…

A young woman with brown hair runs by. She is carrying a basket of flowers and wears a pink dress. There is a ribbon in her hair. The girl is being chased by a man with a very large sword and long silver hair.)
Flower Girl: AHH! Someone help! Get away from me!
Silver-Haired Man: We’re meant to be together, Aeris! All the fanfics say so!