for DT in particular (heh) but I think the rest of you will find this interesting too

like whoa :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been consuming blood for centuries! its nothing new to me.

Well hey, it’s low-fat. :smiley:

Interesting - but is it in anyway more efficient or of a higher quality than just making those kinds of foods normally?

“The processed food industry has been identified as a potential market because the blood products are up to five times less expensive to manufacture than their dairy equivalents.”

Sweet, so there gonna start having blood centers next to IHOPs all over the USA! WOOHOO!!!

I think I’ll pass. I like my buiscuits and pudding well done, thank you.

Excellent, more nutrition and another food source. How very handy.

Cheaper food, even if the 1st world countries wont eat it, 3rd world countries will eat anything if its cheap. It can only be good for the world hunger problem :slight_smile:

Well, for purposes of stopping world hunger it works, but otherwise, for simple consumer goods, it should be saved for, you know, MEDICINAL purposes. I don’t want to donate blood to hear that someone’s gonna drink it on a luxury cruise liner.

Well, they didn’t say anywhere in the article that it had to be HUMAN blood.

Looks like people who like Anne Rice’s literature THAT MUCH won’t have to SUCK anymore.

Blood, that is.

Eh… Well, maybe with time this will become “normal” and no one will even think it’s weird.

In related news some soy sauce is made from human hair.

I hope it doesnt go through. Blood farms? I don’t think so. Sounds unethical.

I don’t see how consuming animal blood could be less ethical than consuming animal muscle (i.e. meat). Moreover, you don’t have to kill an animal to draw blood from it. Only a vegetarian could seriously oppose this on ethical grounds.

At least you’re putting an animal out of its misery when you kill it…I’m imagining like rows upon rows of animals being kept and drained and ick.

Drink milk, Eva?

“Dr Antipova and her team decided to find a way to use blood 12 years ago after learning that a local meat plant discarded up to seven tons of it daily.”

Being milked is like having your breasts fondled. There’s a huge difference between being felt up and being drained of your liquid hit points.

Milk isn’t repulsive sounding as blood :stuck_out_tongue: It isn’t…the life essence of every being. And it isn’t red. And it doesn’t come out of a vagina every month!

Actually Hades, you’ve never breastfed, have you? The breasts have to be massaged a certain way and it is most definately not a sexual or pleasurable act. Especially when the little critters get TEETH. So yeah, nice comparison.