For all you Planeteer fans.

I thought this was plain hilarious, lol.

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…I laugh, and I feel bad for doing so. :smiley:

Captain Planet was a show with great ideas and characters… and poor writing. The villains were monumentally stupid -with one or two exceptions- (“Hey! Let’s pollute the World! Why? No reason, just because we’re eeeeevil!”) and Captain Planet’s jokes were so bad they make ME sound funny! :stuck_out_tongue: I know, it was written for kids and it was a “message” show, but I’ve seen similar shows that were much better written.

Are there actually Captain Planet fans, or just people that like making fun of it?

Man, I used to watch Captain Planet… can’t really imagine liking it nowadays though. I bought the first season of the Animaniacs and tried to watch it yet I just couldn’t find it funny at my old age.

I went to a hockey game this semester. When I left, I got a Captain Planeteer plastic mug cup.

Some did it for the money. And Cap pointed out to a few of them that there’s actually more to be made in recycling. And it did!

They did handle things like population control (A kid that multiplies whenever he consumes food… his parents were ecstatic at first since they would have more people to help their farm, but when there were too much of his copies…) and Aids (A star basketball player is accused for having a disease that is transmitted via casual contact like in say, sports…) in somewhat reasonable ways… but hey, it’s superheroics. Gotta love 'em.

God damn hippies.

Id appreciate it if someone could locate the funny, cos I just cant seem to find it.

And Captain Planet was the shit. I’m waiting for a live action, CG heavy movie to get the OK sometime soon.

I remember those. The AIDs one was pretty Powerful. I also remember a drug one, where someone either died or was put into a coma.

Yeah the guys at explosm are great.

Hahahaha. Oh, I’m going to the special hell.

I liked how they integrated war into that show, saying it destroyed the topsoil and polluted with all the chemicals and things that go into making weapons.

I liked the one where every one loses their rings forcing them to find a substitute. The American kid gets the Flamethrower while the kid with the Monkey got to use his own heart. (I forget names, I also forgot the Kid with the Monkey’s nationality)

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At the time it was great but I don’t think I’d venture seeing it again. A good memory is worth more than an old show :stuck_out_tongue: