For all WC3 campaign fans (spoilers)

Illidan Stormrage is alive.

That’s correct: Arthas did NOT kill him. I recently got this off an official WC3 site at Look at the bottom:

As Arthas made his way up the Frozen Throne, Illidan, still alive, slipped into the darkness and escaped back to Outland.

Illidan fans, you may now rejoice.

Well, that’s expected.

It is not that Illidan didn’t look dead or dying, but moreso that a death scene is never that ambiguous.

I’ve always thought Arthas was a faggot =p


Are you happy that Illidan lives, or just really agreeing that Arthas is a putz? (And he really is.)

I havn’t beaten the last mission of the campaign, but I pretty much know what happens next. And Illidan seems like one of those bastards who’s just too damn stubborn to die.

Illidan is just hiding because he is so ashamed of getting his arse kicked by a fancy-boy like Arthas. I’m guessing he’s probably weeping in his basement right now, listening to old Cure albums.

And they’ll probably give Illidan some sort of kickass role in World of Warcraft.

Bah you just had to ruin my good day today didnt you ofx?
I thought he died, and I wanted him to stay dead >.>; damn elves

But seriously now when they put Illidan back in the series again. Probably in World Of Warcraft I am not going like seeing the countless topics about him being alive sigh oh well.

Damn now that is a twist! They said in the RoC campaign that they were evenly matched. I guess this explains it. Thanks for the info. And if this is so I wonder what will happen with Kil’jaedan and Kael’thas.

That Illidan is alive. He rocks.

Yes, yes he does.

And Arthas IS a putz. :smiley:

Well… If you play the first mission(s) of WC3:tFT you’ll see that he’s alive so… :stuck_out_tongue:

And if you play the last mission of WC3:TFT, you’d see that he’s killed by Arthas. Sorta.

And Arthas really sucks…

I mean, he was manipulated when he was a human, he was clueless when he was a death knight and when Archimonde said that the Dread Lords would command the Scourge he was like “Can they do that?”.

He sucked so bad I really hate the Human/Undead missions now… Just because he’s there…

Good, I’m not the only one who hates undead missions because of Arthas. =D

Arthas was undoubtably the weakness hero in the game, story and usefulness wise.

Ditto. It’d be nice if he didn’t lose levels in the last campaign…well, at least you have Anub’arak. =D

Wait…I’m assuming this is in The Frozen Throne campaign… I haven’t played the campaign for like 3/4 of a year >.>

I liked that actually. It was part of the storyline, which I liked.

And yes, Beetle-man rocked. ;D

I got that it was part of the story, which was cool. It was just annoying.

On another note, it was beacause of Arthas that I used to not like Death Knights period. Nowadays, they’re almost always the first hero I get.

BAH! If I were controlling Illidan in a real battle against Arthas, I would completely decimate everything. The end.