For a good cause - Nordic Zelda fans, take a look!

Fellow Nordic RPGC Folks!

You may have heard about THE AWESOME ZELDA BONUS DISK with adventures 1&2 (Nes), 5&6(N64) on it, and you, for one, want it ASAP.

But there’s a problem:

Alas, they won’t release it up here in the cold, COLD North, unless… you buy a new Gamecube (The Mario Kart DD bundle, in fact). Which I won’t do unless my present one broke up. So, if you’re up for it, please sign this petition to give us a chance to get this Disk without the burden of buying a new cube. Honestly, I’d pay the price of a full game to get this, even if it is just a bonus…


Sign. Signed, the Undersigned

~Max Paganus Alias Mabatsekker, Nordic Zelda Fan.

It is at times like this I wished I lived in the UK: That is where all comes from anyway.

But I’m a thousand stars short in any case. Bah.

Wait, Mabat, can you just subscribe to NP? You can recieve the Zelda Edition game that way also.
Or, can you subscirbe… or… is it not available because it’s outside the U.S. or something?

You could always just subscribe to NP.
I’m not, since it’s such a shitty magazine. :stuck_out_tongue:

You should subscribe if you want it. It’s only $19.99 (US) and that is a great price for two classics and the others.

Well, it wouldn’t help to subscribe to NP at all, since it’s, like, an American magazine, and secondly, the disc I’d get would be the american NTSC version, which wouldn’t work in my European PAL machina.

#383 just signed :slight_smile:

We do get stars, but we don’t have a Club Nintendo in which to use them. The one in the United Kingdom require you to be living in the United Kingdom.

At least I got stars along with my Gamecube which I bought here in Norway. The rest I’ve bought from, so it’s not so strange I got stars along with that.

I’ve signed it, just for you guys!

And I erm… signed as ‘Gilgamesh’ is that really so wrong?

You can’t read it, but I do. And I want to win. Someone help me bribe the judges?