Foolproof remedy for spammers

Yes, after a long search, I have found the perfect remedy for those wayward souls who spam boards. Actually, there are a few remedies if you have this problem (like me):

1) Try to get a life.
This one doesn’t really work if you’re obsessed with message boards and posting and such.

2) Stop spamming.
Only for the pure of heart. And those with patience. And stuff.

3) Invent a spam patch.

4) Find a site that has a spam board.
Okay, this one actually works. More often or not, you’ll find people here that have the same problem you do and you can discuss absolutely nothing together.

Spamming is an addiction, my friends. It is the uncontrollable urge to make a post that is utterly retarded, so if you find yourself having this problem, be sure to get help.

Indeed. Start applying it or we’re putting you through therapy :stuck_out_tongue:

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Arn’t you the guy who posted as a chick, and everyone knew you were a guy, and then you said you were and acted like you fooled us?


I remember this person now! From past threads I seem to forget her alot.

No. Hell no. I think you mean that Aurora dude.

Exactly. You are Aurora :stuck_out_tongue:

Ouch, Sin wins. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who said anything about AURORA!! Dr. Watson, I believe we have solved the mystery of the dual sex poster, inform Scotland yard as soon as possible.

Pretending to be a woman, that’s low. Not that I’ve ever done that…nope not I.

Your foolproof rememdy doesn’t seem to be working.

Demigod your back! :wave:

We used to have a “spam board.” It was called the Tower of Babel. Then it was called Qrrbrbirlbel. Then it was called “crap that wasted board space and caused problems in other parts of the board” so it was shut down.

{‘this thread is spam anyway’



Also, wtf is Cherubis?

Yes Cherubis, be sure to get help.

Who’d ever stoop so low as to pose as a girl?


Do we really need to go there?


I was waitin’ for one of you to post that. :3