FO Tactics

I know some people a while back expressed an interest in playing Fallout Tactics online. I’ve been trying to play this game but gamespy seems to be messing things up, I think it has issues with firewalls. Has anyone else had a similar problem with Gamespy?

Edit: I got it working, was playing with Steve earlier. Does anyone else have this game, as the mental quality of most gamespy players leaves something to be desired.

I can’t host games, but I can join. That’s about it.
Make all of your characters under 10k, or make it with the WW2 guidelines (I’ve heard that WW2 games are really fun.)
Wow, they even made a mod out of it. I’m not sure how it plays, but if anyone wants to play with it. I’ll be happy to play with them.

Edit: If you don’t wanna download the mod, here are the rules.

Gah, don’t start getting involved in player imposed rules. The player rules include no aiming, big guns, energy weapons, throwing, or drugs; they want us to just fire shotguns at each other. Just make the characters anyway you want.

Rar, you can have a rocket launcher with one rocket.
Shotguns, Tommy Guns, and a bunch of other guns are allowed :stuck_out_tongue:
Edit: Dude, did you even READ that?
Rifles: B.A.R., M1 Garand (sniper), Beretta Silverhawk (Shotgun)
Heavy Weapons (Big Guns): Lewis MKII, Bren Gun, Heavy Flamer
Sub Machine Guns: “Tommy Gun”, MP38 Schmiesser, Sten Gun
Pistols: .44 S&W Revolver, Colt .45, Mauser 9mm
Nades/Rockets : Rocket Launcher (One rocket), Frag Grenade, Molotov Cocktail
Explosives: T13 Antipersonnell Mine, Tellermine, Dynamite
Miscellanious: Ammo, Leather MK1, First Aid Kit, Beer/Booze, Food