FMA's ending and movie

Ok, so I just recently completed the Fullmetal Alchemist anime and was extremely disappointed with the ending. I know there’s a movie coming about and I’ve gotta say that if the movie doesn’t tie up those loose ends really well then to me the ending ruins the entire anime.

Opinions on the ending?

I liked it

I knew they wouldn’t get their bodies back without consiquence, and a happy ending would have just been strange. I didn’t like how they tried to clear everything up in two episodes, (what with the story of Holenhiem of the Light, and his mean female friend). And Envy being Ed’s half brother wasn’t explained very well.

I thought FMA was okay, just not fantastic. I may or may not see the movie

I thought the ending was very good. Bittersweet. And sure, there’s openings for the movie, but it was still really neat.

I’ll admit it was neat, but it seems too rushed for me. It’s kinda pulled out of the hat and it leaves way too much plot left unfinished. I’m hoping the manga ends better for me, since a certain incident that occurs in both completely splits the storyline between them.

The movie takes place 2 years after the ending of the series, as far as from what I’ve read about it.

I <i>just</i> finished the anime series. I was a little disappointed, but not much. Can I get a link to info on the movie and/or a trailer? has the trailer fansubbed. Otherwise the offical movie site has it too, but you dont know what thyere saying. Doenst matter it doesnt tell you anything. It doesnt even whet your appetite. and go here for a translation. Animesuki’s torrent for doesn’t work for me.

Thanks. This will be interesting.

I got it from animesuki… did you try saving the torrent?

If you are talking about Yey!SUBs’ trailer, the main tracker is down and the backup one has no users on it. Animesuki has placed caution signs under its upload and download

Hm… oh well. Your loss, I guess.

I loved the ending. And making the movie 2 years after the original series makes sense.

I loved the ending. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the continuation of the story that occurs in the movie, but even if the movie didn’t exist, I’d still be satisfied. Like Cidolfas said, it’s bittersweet. I thought they tied things up very well, besides the obvious reuniting of the Elric brothers. But you can leave the success or failure of that to your imagination. Of course, with the movie coming out, it’s pretty much a moot point.