Flying to where the sun rises

On March 25th, I’ll be flying to Japan for a week with a fraternity brother and fellow Japanophile. We haven’t worked out our full itinerary yet, but we’re definitely going to Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, and Kamakura. I’d like to stop in Nagoya too since I have a friend living there and it’s right on the way from Tokyo to Kyoto.

What do you all suggest that we visit? As you can see, we have our cities decided on, but there aren’t many specific sites we’ve thought about yet. When we’re in Kyoto, for example, I was just planning on walking around and when we see a shrine that looks cool, go in. But since we have such a short time to spend there, it would be best if we had everything planned out.

Also, you can suggest amusing little things that we can only do in Japan - like buy beer from a vending machine, which we plan on doing. Or if you want to see pictures of us posing with cosplayers or something like that…

I should also mention that I’ve read this all-important guide, but more pointers in that department would be welcome too. looks in Zepp’s direction :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, cool! And… you’re going one day before my birthday, too! :open_mouth:

That means I won’t be congratulated by you. Boo-hoo. ;_; Oh well, have fun and all that.

That is pretty cool, I hope you have fun.

Also, that site it fucking funny and that last part about the girls is so true.

Be sure to stop by the panty vending machines.

Get me something you bastard.


The purple people eater beat me to it. :frowning:

If you’re a Gundam fan, check out Gundam’s in Osaka. It’s supposed to be THE place in Japan for the Gundamphile within.

Here you go…

I hear loads of people raving about this…

Hirose Entertainment Yard (HEY)
Address: Akihabara, Tokyo
In Tokyo’s Akihabara district. On the main avenue. This is shooter heaven. Games are 100 yen each. About 45 shmup machines. Joy!!!

It might behoove you to try out one of those ‘maid cafes’.

The only advice I have on finding some action would be to follow 007’s example (And I don’t mean RC) and hope for the best.

Stop by the Nintendo of Japan HQ. I know a guy who got to meet and have lunch with Miyamoto and Iwata just by sitting outside the HQ around lunch hour. He also got an autographed photo of the three of them.

Go to Hokkaido. I hear they have excellent crabs. Get crabs while your there.
Go to Osaka. Tell me what the people are like there.

like buy beer from a vending machine


What’s the big deal about buying beer from a vending machine?

The fact that you can buy Beer from a vending machine. That’s it.

Imagine you’re an 8 year old Japanese kid with some spare change. You just pop in your yen, and buy a brewski. Just like that.

Bring me back one o them sideways verginers they gots over there in the orient.

Here you can easily get alcohol, so it’s not that much of an issue.

Try finding regular-sized clothing. Visit an arcade and get ownz0red. Try one of them Okonomiyaki places too.

And find a beer garden. O_o;

Its a big difference if you don’t have a car. Do they have these alcohol vending machines in their colleges?

Haha, it’s amazing how much that guide applies to China as well. It seems every country in Asia has certain bars where girls go to meet foreigners. Here in Beijing, it’s called Propaganda, and on Wednesday nights you can get in and drink all-you-want for 70 RMB (about 8.50 USD), and for girls it’s only 20-30RMB. I spent at least 2 or 3 nights a week in bars like this when I first came to China. Of course, nowadays I can barely step foot in a place like that without feeling queazy. When you stick around for a while, you start to realize that pretty much the same girls are always in these bars, and all that changes are the wide-eyed white boys coming in. I assume it’s pretty similar in Japan. So yes, anyone can get laid in Asia, but just be aware that there will be guys at the bar laughing at you behind your back because all of them have already fucked her (perhaps multiple times and maybe even all at the same time).

There is a Japanese girl here in Beijing who’s name is supposedly “Haruna”…anyway, she is quite famous within the foreigner community here because I’d have to venture to guess that at least 10 or 15% of the foreign population here in Beijing has porked her. Most of my friends have ridden that bus also, but I never took the bait. About six months ago, some friends and I were in Propaganda just sort of chilling out, not really on the hunt or anything but hell, all-you-can-drink for 70RMB is hard to pass up. We get into a conversation with these four English guys, and Haruna comes up. Apparently, they all banged her on the same night and did a whole list of nasty shit to her. They secretly videotaped it. We had to see it to believe it…anyway, we only had to watch about two minutes of that video. I didn’t step foot into Propaganda again until about a week ago heh.

Just be aware it’s quite likely that you could end up with one of these types of girls, especially in Roppongi. Of course, you’ll never know any different, so who cares? go for it if you want.

I think it’s funny that you have to avoid saying you’re an English teacher in Japan though. I suppose that in Japan, English teachers make a pretty low salary compared to average. Here in China, English teachers make so much more than the average person it isn’t even funny (though we’re nowhere near what some of these corrupt people with 200,000USD mercedes are driving). Saying you’re an English teacher in China is golden, esp. because it means that you might be staying around longer (Chinese girls still don’t go in much for the whole one night stand thing, you have to lie to them and make it seem like it’s for real. I’ve been in Asia way too long I think).

Anyway, have a blast man.

Edit: Dress nice too. Not like a suit or anything, but nice jeans, a nice shirt, nice shoes. It’s not a requirement, but it makes things that much easier, I’d especially think in Japan where fashion is everything. Of course, this is true for anywhere.

Also, DAMN with your frat buddy? You are still in university? Are you ever going to graduate?

Do they have bowling in Korea?