Flying cheap from Canada

Hey guys. I wanted to know where the cheapest place to buy roundtrip tickets from Quebec to the USA (specifically Canada) is.

I have a friend named Wak over at Smash World Forums who’s dream is to see California and participate in a SSBM tourney there in August. Y’all may know him for his AHTP videos–it was my idea for him to set up a paypal account to accept donations for his great work. Anyways, I want to help him get the costs down, so any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated.


Tell him to go to Travel Cuts (website here). Hopefully, he’s still a full-time student or under 26, so he can get an ISIC card and possibly have access to special discounts. He can get something from 500$ to 650$ depending on the airline (no matter what, Air Canada should be avoided), where he lands (there are other airports than LAX in the area and I think the fares are similar for San Francisco), when he leaves (weekend or weekday) and if he buys the tickets in advance or not. Travel insurance should also be considered, but it’s related to the duration of the trip.

I always go to Travel Cuts. What’s more, you don’t always have to be a student or have an ISIC card to get their flights (but the ones with really good prices do have student discounts).