One of the biggest flower of the world has blossomed. I do mean ‘one of the biggest’ when I say it, for this one is taller than a man. It’s not something as nice to see as a rose, though, let alone come close - it smells like rotten fish, and it looks like… Well, it’s scientific name is Amorphophallus titanum, which means something like ‘a gigantic thing whose shape is close to that of disformed a penis’.

Other fun fact is that they christained their plant by the name ‘Little Stinker’.

Edit: the right source

Your source wants me to register. I think I’ve seen a pic of one of those plants already, though…

It tells me to register too. Can’t you just post the picture?

Yeah, me to…though how tall is it exactly? Sunflowers can grow taller the a grown man already…

I believe it’s a Titan Arum (corpse flower) which produces an extremely strong odour of rotting flesh to attract flies to it so it can eat them.

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Although… I’ve heard of the Rafflesia being the species that produces the biggest flower in the world too.

<img src = “”>

Wow, that is big. D’you think it’s compensating for something?

:eek: Those are some big ass flowers.

holy shit those are huge. do you think it could eat people?

Do you mean Seymour? And, those flowers are HUGE!


But seriously, that’s some huge flora.

What is it from?..-_-

A ridiculous Woody Allen movie.

Oh…who’s Woody Allen? …curse my ten-year oldness!

A guy who married his adopted daughter. Also he made very funny movies.

I don’t know about his personal life, but yeah, he made some pretty awesome flicks.

Yes, the Rafflesia ia giant flower that stinks, it could be the one you mean. (Trivia bit: Captain Harlock’s Enemy, the Queen of the Vegetal Women, was named Rafflesia. ^^ )

And that giant maneating (and talking) plant is Aubrey, from the LITTLE SHOPS OF HORRORS movies. (Also adapted into a musical… go figure.)

I was thinking along those lines from seeing an advertisment when I was younger…cool, I was right!

It was a corpse flower. That source didn’t require me to register when I posted it, but now it does. This sucks.

Damn you Pierson! Now I’m going to have nightmares tonight and I can’t get that damn “Little Shop of Horrors” song out of my head! :fungah: