Flirt with Succubi thread

I haven’t gotten the opportunity to do so yet, so I thought that I would say hi to Morrigan. :wave: I misspelled Lilith’s name the first time that I addressed her, so I made sure not to make the same mistake with Morrigan.

Anyways, how do those breasts manage to stay inside that outfit?

It’s called either a bra or magic. They are ghost demon sex machines, they know how to control their boobs.

Could someone tell me the point of this thread? Because I don’t see it.

I can rule out the bra just by looking.

Charming. :stuck_out_tongue:

None I can think of. Except Morrigans boobies. They good boobies.

Oh well, lockdown time.

I’m going to sound like Sinistral by saying this, but you people need to get fucking laid.