*flees the scene of the crime*

Well, I’m off to my grandparents. I’m even dragging my annoying brother with me. Therefore, you are free of us for about a week. Enjoy it…while you can.

Who are you, again?

Originally posted by Valkyrie Esker
Who are you, again?

makes a note to kill Val in the Naar Saga for that

My Brother’s right, and He beat me to the thread. I am going to my grandma’s for a week along with my brother.

Originally posted by d Galloway
makes a note to kill Val in the Naar Saga for that

is sure that d will forget about it before he gets a chance to go through with it :slight_smile:

well, have fun and don’t kill me…:too bad;

hehe, have a great time.

Have fun, both of you :slight_smile:
And I’ll be sure to update while you’re gone just to be a meanie… :mwahaha: At least, now I can stop running for a while.

Whatever you two, just get outa here and leave us alone! /joking


Have fun!

Have fun and enjoy yourself.

Ah well, see you around Gallo. You’ll be missed!

Mostly. :wink:

Old people are fun…so you should have fun…plus they play cards!

Bye, d, hope you have a good time.

Resists the urge to make jokes about going to Grandma’s House :hahaha;

We shall enjoy the peace while it last.

<I>May the force be with you</I>

later galloway.