I just got the manga, and I wanted to know…What. The. Heck. Is. Going. On?!

I’m so confused. -_-

There’s two problems, first off, you’re young, so you won’t get a lot of the references, and second off, the manga is more insane then the anime is.

I’m still asking myself that question… I know someone did a whole analysis on each episode but I’m too lazy to read them. The other thing was, I watched subbed AVI files. Seems to have a few traditional Japanese references too.

Don’t. I’m serious, don’t even try.

You probably shouldn’t bother with FLCL until you have a solid grounding in the old, classic series. Trust me you’ll laugh a lot more.

It’s about growing up, really. Just take away the explosions, robots and eyebrows… heck, most of it… and there you have it.


I think.

Classic series?

Yes, classic series.

I agree, its a bizzare comming of age story

Go mad. It all makes sense then.

I liked when Nauta’s dad dressed up like Lupin the 3rd.

Unless you’re completely insane like the rest of me, It makes no burgers.

Once you just learn to let it go, and realize that its just about coming of age (like weiila said), it is <i>fan-fucking-tastic</i>.

This is my favorite manga ever. Ever. Seriously. The anime is good, but the anime is just a bazillion times better. (though it can be helpful to watch the anime first, as it is easier to follow. then you can go back and read the manga, and get more out of it.)

What parts are you confused about? I can help you, probably.

Many things in this world are confusing. FLCL is one of the top five on the list.

The thing were he got hit in the head, and supposedly died, and it kept switching from him being dead to him living…eurmmm…normally.

If we’re talking about the magna:

He is never dead, just knocked out. Haruko thinks he is and moves in to make sure he isn’t, and to use his head (you’ll learn about that later).

I don’t have my book with me, but this is the part i think you’re talking about…the begining, right?

He’s hanging with mamimi by the river
Haruko comes
Haruko hits him in the head (starting a io field to outer space)
Mamimi pulls him away (“you’re bleeding on me”)

We learn who haruko is (vespa girl). It is the panels with him and his friends at school.

Present again:
Mamimi and him hanging out in the shanty town, mamimi is drinking the sour pop
He’s still unconcious, but he thinks about telling her about the letter from his bro
Haruko comes out of the wall
Haruko threatens to beat him again, and yells at mamimi (he is still unconcious)
A bunch of pages of naota lying around, haruko says he’s dead
Except he’s not, but she moves in with him to make sure
Then this chapter ends and we meet him again in his bed waking up finally.

Don’t give it up. Alot of girls your age are like “OMG I DUN GET IT N TEH ART SUXZ” :stuck_out_tongue: But it is very good, trust me :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the art…0-0 And, thanks. That was pretty much the only part that REALLY confused me.