FlavorIce Super Sour popsicles

are the gods’ way of reminding us that they still love us.

Just thought I’d share that with you. They’re that good.

Never heard of them. East coast thing?

Heh, figures… Hey X, how are you doing eh?

Welcome back, maybe…
Ban list still not uploaded to date, I see.

oh gawd…sweet sweet flavor ice…

X was banned?
I had no clue, of course I choose to ignore his Yaoi-ness with a passion, so I don’t think I would’ve noticed if someone told me.

It sounds very synthetic. >_> I bet they contain sugar and chemicals for aroma, flavour and color. But then again, what doesn’t nowadays?

Edit: Oh, and preservatives!

Preservatives are yummy.

i dont know whats in it, and i dont care. all i know is that its what i eat all summer long :o

…The hell?..Preservatives?