Flash movie and song request

In a recent update of somethingawful.com another flash contest was had. Mario flash movies were made using a set of pictures. This one struck my fancy:
Short but awesome, my question is, what song is that playing durring the movie?

Googled some of the lyrics, appears to be “Average Man” by Reel Big Fish. Apparantly it was a bonus track on an international version of their album “Cheer Up.” You can listen to a snippet <A HREF=“http://www.fixdown.com/gc/geci/g1117.htm”>here</A>.

Thank you very much, you must be better at google then me, since alas, I had tried and failed.

I hope nobody will mind if I take the chance to post this here. Better than just giving it its own thread, I think.

I hope this hasn’t been posted already. Even so, it’s funny, so I’m trying to spread it around.

If you like the Smurfs, The Pyramid TV Game Show or the ALL BASE fad, or just dumb funny stuff, you may like it. (Otherwise, stay away.)


I remember that Smurf/AYB thing from like 5 years ago. =P

Or whenever that AYB stuff was popular.

I feel old. =(

Don’t feel too old, I remember it when it came out as well