Flash making fun of fanfiction; "Move your dead bones"

People are being rather harsh on this flash on the site where I found it - there are some problems, sure, but I think it’s got a charming style. Besides, the song is a hoot. And gets stuck in your brain.

And who can dislike a flash movie where Zorn and Thorn (FF9) are dancing with a singing fox, a baby metroid, Vrumugun (Slayers) and a bunch of Silent Hill characters?

The Reanimator.

Also, knowledgeable as I am about this site… I wouldn’t recommend clicking around on it while eating/drinking or at school/work/similar. They MEAN it when they call themselves “Really Bad Fanfiction”. Just trust me.
Please. It’s for your own good.

That was amusing.

Random Dancing Goodness.

That animation is stuck in my head and its playing ove 1000 times, and it wont leave unless I blow it out.


Don’t let us stop you.

Eeeeeeeeck. I am scarred like nothing else before… you’re evil!

adds song to party album and attempts to learn the little dance

Amusing, even if most of the “humor” went past my head.

Bah, Vrumugun wasn’t dead, only his copies. The real Vrumugun was still alive, as evidenced at the end of the last episode by Slayers Next.

Stupid fanfic writers. :smiley:

They’re so bad they hurt. They hurt to the point where dentists seem like saints. Listen to Weiila. Don’t read them.

It’s a fairly nice flash, but I don’t like it much. I don’t like the song.

The humor is that fanfiction writers have a tendency to bring dead people back to life for hawt manseckz0rs and to change their apparence into something that’s more “cool” in their view - see Vrungum getting changed from a wizard to a pseudo-goth.

Who made the song. I don’t see any credits to the creator of the song :frowning:

lol found it