Flash Cards

Do any of you have experience with GBA flash cards? I’ve been considering getting into the scene, but I don’t know much about it.

Any sort of pertinent information would be much appreciated.

What the hell is a GBA flash card?

Think of it as flash memory for your GBA, only, you can store GBA roms on it. Pretty nifty if you’re cheap :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve never bought one myself though, so uh, sorry. Try Epic.

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I don’t own one personally, because they aren’t cheap. Nor do I know of a good place to purchase one, as I haven’t looked because I don’t have the money. Basically, to start out, you have to buy a package deal that includes both the card and the means to transfer data to said card. You can also buy another card later, but you’d be better off geting one that can hold a lot of data right off the start, because it’s cheaper that way. I assume basically everything you need to ahem “backup” games is included, and from what I’ve heard it’s pretty foolproof if you get a newer card. There’s also a thing called a gb bridge that allows you to put older gb and gbc games on the card, but that can be achieved for free via programs that convert the games to the correct format. The same can be done with NES games, there are programs that will convert those to the correct format as well.

I have one for my game boy color. I bought it from BUNG. They are a legit company.

Im going to guess the new GBA writers are pretty much the same thing.

If you are cheap, its great. Its a one time price for infinite games. The only thing is that if you buy a USB version, and you use a laptop, you need to make sure the laptop is plugged in. The flash writer takes its power through the cable, and it takes a ton of it.

The other thing is that alot of times some roms dont write correctly. I dont know if this is the rom or the card writer. I assume that the new GBA writers do not crash in the middle of the write occasionally as my GBC on does.

Also make sure you have a good site for roms. So of the roms will fuck up your system. I downloaded a waverace rom once that broke my GBC. Again, im sure the new versions of the cart writers fixed this.

So yea, its definitly a great purchase, just make sure you are buying from a semi-legit site. Dont want to get ripped off =P But i totally recomend it.

You can pretty much whine to me or Epic for roms :stuck_out_tongue: