fishing for ideas

well, i thought there might be a bit of good input for this here in this forum so here goes.
i’m making a P&P FF RPG, and i was kinda stuck on skills for a certain class. for anyone who has played a d20 rpg, it’s nothing like that, more like tactic where every class has some skills that only that class can do, so the class i need help with is Gunslinger, now i know in ff it’s always been Gunner, but that frankly is lame, when i think gunner i think some shmuck on an aircraft carrier sitting in an anti-aircraft gun turret, gunslinger sounds soo much cooler. anyways let me know if you have any ideas at all, no experience required, what do you think a gunslinger should be able to do that no other class can’t, including the archer class. thanks

The typical firearm (at least, how we have them today) tend to have a greater rate of fire than most bows. A burst-fire technique would likely be unique… at least, for the lower levels. Dual-wielding long-range weapons would be a good perk for the class. Perhaps various kinds of ammo, with an emphasis on the abilities and statuses that the Archer class doesn’t do. A called shot move to juggle smaller objects like opponent’s guns and daggers or mugs. A lesser penalty for awkward battle situations where it would be reasonable to be able to have a hand free, like on a sturdy ladder or in a crawlspace.

thanks for the input, i loved Irvines different ammo from ff8 but it’s not really a skill, but it is totally cool,and i have been planning on using it. i like the called shot idea, i have a skill by a similar name for the archer class that does something different, but i could rename it. the lesserdual wield penalty is a good idea, so far only ninja and maybe samurai classes can bypass the penalty completely, but for the gunslinger to be able to as well only when using handguns or something to keep it balanced and class reinforced. good ideas, thanks again.

nobody else has any ideas for me? lame!

Well you could always make it to where they can pick certain body parts to do less than regular damage and lower a stitistic. Like shooting the leg and lowering speed or movement, or shooting the arm and lowering the opponents ability to use their weapon to it’s full potential.

well i think the archer class in ff tactics had skills like these, i’m not sure, it might have been the Mustadio(sp?) character who used a gun. anyway i’ve incorperated alot of those types of skills into the archer class already. the gunslingers will be able to inflict other various status effects but not specifically with skills, but with different types of ammo. guns are pretty straight foreward so there shouldn’t be too many skills that do specific things while shooting, but more of types of bonuses like domadragoon mentioned while in a tough position where it would be impossible to shoot a bow or something. i was going to save mounted fighting for a later expansion, but i guess the gunslinger could have some cool mounted fighting skills if anyone can think of some(it’d be easier to shoot a gun from chocobo back than a bow).

edit: i just thought of a cool skill, disarming shot. use it to knock a weapon out of a targets hand, could be used to shoot objects along the floor like in “butch cassidy and the sundance kid” i think domadragoon mentioned juggling items, was this what you meant?